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After the sexy excesses of Milan, where could I go but up? Lake Como is the shimmering jewel of the Italian lakes district, and the Swiss Alps rise majestically on the horizon, like Claudia Cardinale reclining in a blue satin

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Straddling the north of Italy like a ruby-lipped succubus, Milano is a city of dreams. More specifically, the dreams of a strange cabal of artsy monomaniacs whose millionaire missionĀ in life is to dictate what you and I should wear, find

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Fiesole, Fiesole, Fiesole. For as long as I live, the word will be an incantation, pulling me from whatever muck I have found myself in, kissing me with sun and hill and grass, with the memory of wine and figs,

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My time trapped inside a crowded and wet Salzburg hostel had taken its toll, and, for the first time since leaving home, I was spine-quiveringly ill. Which was perfect timing, really, given that my next destination was one of the

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