Empire of the Waves

Near­ing the end of her strength at the end of Empire of the Waves (Pen­guin), Anni Tidechild says to her uncle: “I’m tired of singing and danc­ing and laugh­ing, as if noth­ing’s wrong with the world.” To which the pirate answers: “We don’t sing and dance and laugh because we think noth­ing is wrong, Anni. We sing because we know the world is bro­ken, and wish to mend it. We dance because the world is dark, and we defy it.” 

Anni replies: “Then let’s defy it.”

We all need art and tales and song and laugh­ter, espe­cial­ly in the darkness. 

For the Great Lock­down of 2020, I have uploaded a free audio­book of Empire of the Waves, Chap­ter One to Chap­ter Three.

Chap­ter One: The Tidechild

Chap­ter Two: Pel Narine

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Chap­ter Three:

Part One

Sad­ly, for legal rea­sons, I can’t read you more than that! 

To find out what hap­pens next, please do buy a copy of Empire of the Waves from your local book­store and read the book aloud to some­one you love!

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