Month: June 2019

Newington College Student Journalists

As reported in a previous blogpost, I recently had the pleasure of spending three packed days at the Newington College Festival of Literature for 2019. To my delight, two young Newington writers have since penned their thoughts about two of

Middle Readers in Middle Earth: Reflections on the Fantasy Genre for Young Readers

Words seem cheap nowadays. They roll beneath our fingertips on social media feeds, via text messages, and on the news-sites and blogs we browse on trains and buses. First thing in the morning and last thing before sleep, we read.

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Newington College Festival of Literature 2019: Salila, Narnia, Middle-earth & North Korea

In May 2019, I attended the Newington College Festival of Literature. It was a thrilling and, at times, overwhelming experience. Over the course of three packed days, I ran 10 one-hour workshops with hundreds of inspired and inspiring students. With