Month: August 2014

After the sexy excess­es of Milan, where could I go but up? Lake Como is the shim­mer­ing jew­el of the Ital­ian lakes dis­trict, and the Swiss Alps rise majes­ti­cal­ly on the hori­zon, like Clau­dia Car­di­nale reclin­ing in a blue satin …

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‘Through lit­er­a­ture, art, song and rit­u­al, North Korea metic­u­lous­ly embeds the child­hoods of its lead­ers in the nation­al con­scious­ness. Imi­tat­ing the medieval lives of saints, and apoc­ryphal infan­cy nar­ra­tives of Christ, the lives of the Great and Dear Leaders–known respec­tive­ly …

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Strad­dling the north of Italy like a ruby-lipped suc­cubus, Milano is a city of dreams. More specif­i­cal­ly, the dreams of a strange cabal of art­sy mono­ma­ni­acs whose mil­lion­aire mis­sion in life is to dic­tate what you and I should wear, find …

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