Year: 2014

North Korean Children’s Culture: Essays

Christopher Richardson, “Still Quite Fun to Read: An Introduction to North Korean Children’s Literature,” International Review of Korean Studies 10, no. 1 (2013): 117-136. Christopher Richardson, “Be Prepared! Reflections On The North Korean Children’s Union,” Sino-NK, 13 June 2013.  

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North Korean Children’s Culture in the Media

Articles: “North Korea’s Kim Dynasty: The Making of a Personality Cult,” Christopher Richardson, The Guardian, 16 February 2015. Interviews: “What does a children’s story by Kim Jong-il tell us about North Korea?” Interview with Dan Damon, BBC World Service, World Update,

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Indians love to make noise, and at times it feels as though the subcontinent is one great ululating biomass – shouting, tooting, banging, and playing loud music with an abandon bordering on the gay. At times, India is just like

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It didn’t take much convincing for me to head straight to Goa to chill out after the shock and awe of Bombay, so after the obligatory sightseeing experiences of that city, I was off to Anjuna Beach, where golden sands

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So, I’m sitting in an aeroplane, heading to one of the great cradles of humanity, a country whose arts and sciences stretch into the grubby backwaters of Western prehistory – home of the zero and the kama sutra, chicken tikka

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Lake Como

After the sexy excesses of Milan, where could I go but up? Lake Como is the shimmering jewel of the Italian lakes district, and the Swiss Alps rise majestically on the horizon, like Claudia Cardinale reclining in a blue satin

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Hagiography of the Kims and the Childhood of Saints: Kim Jong-il

‘Through literature, art, song and ritual, North Korea meticulously embeds the childhoods of its leaders in the national consciousness. Imitating the medieval lives of saints, and apocryphal infancy narratives of Christ, the lives of the Great and Dear Leaders–known respectively

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Straddling the north of Italy like a ruby-lipped succubus, Milano is a city of dreams. More specifically, the dreams of a strange cabal of artsy monomaniacs whose millionaire mission in life is to dictate what you and I should wear, find

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Anybody who knows me well will know if there’s one thing I don’t understand above all else, it’s sport. Except, of course, for cricket, which isn’t actually a sport, is it? More of a really big board game. And so

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The night bus to Cappadocia was well enough, but we should have caught a rocket ship. Cappadocia is home to one of the most incredible landscapes I have ever seen … almost as if God called up Dali, Gaudi and

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