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The Hugging Mother of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala are beautiful, a deluxe labyrinth of canals – some cool, coconut lined and quiet, others as packed and polluted as a Bombay flyover. Depending on your tendency to worry, it is either Venice among the palms,

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Indians love to make noise, and at times it feels as though the subcontinent is one great ululating biomass – shouting, tooting, banging, and playing loud music with an abandon bordering on the gay. At times, India is just like

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It didn’t take much convincing for me to head straight to Goa to chill out after the shock and awe of Bombay, so after the obligatory sightseeing experiences of that city, I was off to Anjuna Beach, where golden sands

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So, I’m sitting in an aeroplane, heading to one of the great cradles of humanity, a country whose arts and sciences stretch into the grubby backwaters of Western prehistory – home of the zero and the kama sutra, chicken tikka

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