North Korean Children’s Culture in the Media

"Boys Wipe Out Bandits"

“Boys Wipe Out Bandits”


“North Korea’s Kim Dynasty: The Making of a Personality Cult,” Christopher Richardson, The Guardian, 16 February 2015.


What does a children’s story by Kim Jong-il tell us about North Korea?” Interview with Dan Damon, BBC World Service, World Update, 20 January 2014

North Korea’s Storytelling Autocrats,” Interview with Alison Gee, BBC News Magazine, 19 February 2014

North Korean dictators revealed as children’s authors” Interview with Alison Flood, The Guardian, 13 March 2014

North Korea’s dictators published children’s books,” Interview with Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post, 18 March 2014

Children’s Culture in North Korea,” Interview with Kurt Achin,, 9 May 2014.

 “Images of North Korean Children’s Lit,” Video Interview with Kurt Achin,, 26 May 2014.

 “Behind the Tweed: Literature for DPRK kids,” Interview with Rebecca Huntley, ABC Radio National, 4 July 2014.


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North Korean Studies, Off the Beaten Path,” Profile by Gianluca Spezza,, 24 April 2014.


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